Premiere: NeuGrau – Move Forward


The clocks had gone forward and an hour of the day had been lost, but at least it was to the sun and not to the darkness. His body clock hadn't changed though, he'd woken up at the break of dawn, stirred by the stream of sunlight that had slithered through the curtains. What was there to do at this time? It was as if the whole world was at rest, the silence more empty than ever before. He moved to his desk and picked up a pen and paper… Time to capture his thoughts and move forward.

Conjuring up the sounds of raw dark wave and punk rock, NeuGrau is the new project from Ingmar Pauli AKA Mr.Pauli and Saša Rajković, who also operates as Zarkoff and as part of Sumerian Fleet. Their Beneath The Skin EP sees the duo flex their songwriting muscles and craft a sound that's hard to pin down: a mixture of synths, bass guitar lead and tight drums with Saša's unique vocal signature. Marking the 12th release on She Lost Kontrol, the duo join the likes of Kris Baha, Black Merlin and Blind Delon, who've previously released EPs on the Naples via Berlin label.