Premiere: Netsuke – Heliotrope (Dead Office Remix)


A dead office is usually what you'll find at R$N Towers once it hits about 2am and we've all decided that no more work can be done without a nice little rest. As we head out into the night at this bewitching hour, the world seems a strangely beguiling place filled with new sounds, sights and, most prominently, smells. But once we get over the initial shock of being taken out of our comfort zone, the world outside doesn't seem so bad after all and there seems to be a hint of optimism flowing through our previously gloom-filled veins.

The lights seem brighter than ever before and even the locals in the street seem happy to chat, albeit they're actually after your wallet but some company is surely better than none at all. Maybe… Still, with sounds like this Dead Office remix of the latest aural excursion from Netsuke you can't go wrong.

Dive headfirst into the night;

'Heliotrope' is out now via Illustrated Records.