Premiere: Nekhsa – Some Jan (Dj Spider Remix)


The opening month was always the most difficult time of year. The cold wind howled down the misty morning streets and ice lay glazed upon the concrete. As he watched from his bedroom window he looked down upon the people walking to work. Their lives were so busy, so rushed, so hectic, so tense. Some January this would be, the coldest yet they'd said. Up here in the far north it was hard to find work, or the energy to survive, let alone prosper during the winter season. Some January this would be indeed. 

Nekhsa delivers Spinning Plates' third release. The highly anticipated record follows two well received EP's which first appeared on the label back in 2015. The release sees the talents of New York's DJ Spider who ramps up the pace in his own trademark style. This one is packed with weird fuzz and sludgey undertones. Listen to DJ Spider's remix of 'Some Jan' below: 

The record will be released on the 10th of October. Follow Spinning Plates on Facebook HERE

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