Premiere: Native Cruise – Clemente


The desert island was in as secluded a location as you could get. Set in the middle of the ocean, many living beings would never set foot on this tropical paradise. It was a utopia, a feast for the eyes, as far as the eye could see towering palm trees bordered the white sanded beaches that glittered under the hot sun. It lit up the crystal clear waters surrounding the beach, illuminating schools of brightly coloured fish that swam beneath the surface. It was a wonder this place had remained completely untouched by human hands, but how long could this nirvana remain a secret…

Following diverse releases from the likes of Andrew Weatherall, DMX Krew and Flamingods, Byrd Out offer up a release from Native Cruise, a UK-based producer who has previously charted releases on No Bad Days and Fruit Merchant. His Sky Rider EP cruises through Balearic and house jams, a perfect soundtrack for the (hopefully) sunny months ahead.