Premiere: Nancy Noise – Azizi’s Dance (Andrew Weatherall Remix 1)


The Ariel Square Four prowled by, with only one magnitude headed to. Eyes glimpsed longing at the saddler, the man who knew his destination. The bystanders only dreamed of such knowledge, cut up inside that they had no such valour. Would they ever have the gall and the vigour to join his dance? He revved forward, while they sighed once again. 

Nancy Noise's debut release on Beyond Paradise earlier this year heralded her influence on the Ibizan sound. This new package includes not one, but two remixes from Mr. Weatherall. Wriggling like a Tory snake from the off and fresh from its terra landing, a punctual and attentive bassline swerves and gets frisky as the wobbles ascend seductively. Speaker threatened pizzicato piano treads gentle before making a maraca mardy. Then, daylight reprieves solace and invitations to join in are readily received. #hopenothate

Released on 30th June 2017. Follow Nancy on Facebook

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