Premiere: Nachtbraker – Tangelo Dreams


Everything was tinted with a faint hue of orange. It were as if he had been placed down upon another planet, a dusty one at that, the result a glowing ember of reality. These were tangelo dreams and he’d been warned about them before. In the dead of night they might sneak into his radius, disturb his sleep so as to cast confusion and chaos into his wildest nightmares. The only way out was to give in, this was to be his truth for the evening. As he lay there in the darkness he dreamt of outer space. 

Nachtbraker is a hard working producer who doesn’t do things by half measures. He produces his own music, releases his own music and has an impressive work rate which has seen him put out a lot of records over the past few years. Here is a new EP on his own label, a delightful affair. 

Listen below: