Premiere: Nachtbraker – Randy


There was a hustle in the arena as the people began to fill each seat with a purpose. It was a randy evening and there was an eager sense of expectation in the air. The curtains hung ominously across the large sprawling stage, it would appear to be far too grand for a man of little known professionalism and hype. However, he could dance. He could move with effortless precision and skill which would wow an audience ten times over, this was but small change to a dancer of the night who had earnt his stripes amidst much rougher circumstances. 

Nachtbraker is a producer who has moved from strength to strength across the last few years. His delicate attention to detail lends itself well to the superbly crafted club focussed music he has released previously. However, his new album sees him travel across a far wider spectrum than that of which we have seen previously. Listen below: 

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