Premiere: MYKI – Repetitive Madness


Trekking away through the mirage of the white abyss, unable to see the finish line, never mind where she started from. As the moon rises the temperature begins to plummet; her feet are quickly starting to freeze as she wades through the thick snow. She had to move rapidly, she had to find shelter from the storm or else she’d freeze there for eternity. Nobody came up this way anymore…

Tel Aviv-based label Tofistock return with their eighth release, this time from close family member MYKI. The seven-track EP entitled Natif, meaning stalactite in Hebrew, explores how ‘the subconscious cave is not an empty space in the conscious mind’. MYKI’s work with drum patterns lies at the centre of most of the tracks on the release, including our pick, ‘Repetitive Madness’ which journeys through different percussive iterations, driven by a bubbling trance-like acid line and polyrhythmic drumwork.