Premiere: My Panda Shall Fly – Smiley


The grin upon his crusty face was ominous and eerie. He looked down upon those who had followed him this far, waved his right hand into the air and screamed emphatically at his minions below. The crowd cheered gleefuly back, they worshiped him now, more so than ever before. He beamed a big smiley glow down upon them and he knew very well that they sat in the palm of his hand. they were his for the taking. Now, he would go wild and run the empire into the damn ground. 

My Panda Shall Fly features as part of a new compilation from the Gang Of Ducks camp in celebration of the label's third anniversary. The release also features the likes of S Olbricht and Ital and comes with a specially designed poster. Listen to 'Smiley' from the release below: 

The release is expected to land on the 26th this month HERE

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