Premiere: MSL – Careful, Thinking Could Become A Habit


The huge iron door at the end of the corridor stood ajar. Until today it had been bolted shut with a heavy padlock, unwilling to let outsider eyes in. It must be open for good reason, surely this was an invitation to enter. The corridor was lit by flickering candles that cast eerie shadows across the cobbles, the shapes jostling and moving as if they had a life of their own. As they reached the door they peered around it cautiously. As far as the eye could see tall wooden shelves grew up the walls, each with a metal box meticulously slotted in. Moving closer, they realised each box was embossed with a name; some defiled and some in pristine condition. Their eyes searched the rows quickly before halting a few feet above. There they were, their name slashed through with a thick red line.

Montreal-based duo MSL is the project of Edouard Le & Francis Latreille AKA Priori and half of Jump Source, alongside Project Pablo. For this EP on French blog and label Les Yeux Orange they dive deep into the melodic depths of electro. The whole EP is a certified winner.