Premiere: Mr Tc – Teeth (Headman/Robi Insinna Rework)


The grin was vicious in the glow of night. Her teeth shone bright beneath the neon lights in a perplexing fashion, a glimpse into the inner workings of her twisted mind and a distorted vision. She danced fruitfully into the small hours, moving in time with the flashing grooves and the banging lights. Her time in the spotlight was running out and soon that smile would fade. Soon there would be little left but for the sweet misery of silence, after the party that was. 

MR TC first released 'Teeth' on Optimo Music, now he is reworked by Relish label boss Headman on what will be a 7" vinyl only release attached to a forthcoming compilation. Listen to his version below: 

Buy the release HERE

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