Premiere: MR TC – Salz


The room was decorated with plush velvet furnishings and panelled with rich mahogany, every inch catching the light as if it had been polished that very morning. It was an intimidating space, unwelcoming almost. The heavy doors swung open and a crowd of well dressed men and women entered chatting loudly, some individuals shouting to be heard above the rest. Every one took their seats and swiftly silence swept the room. Across the room they glared at one another a palpable tension cut through the air. Today they would make a decision that could change the course of history.

Following releases from Fantastic Twins, Joe Goddard, Al Jerry and Logtoad, Optimo Music continue their Against Facism imprint with instalment number five from Night of the Jaguar founder MR TC. The label acts as a platform to “provoke dialogue that is fundamentally anti-racist, anti-sexist, non-homophobic, non transphobic, non-ageist” and “non-ableist”, with all profits going to Hope Not Hate, a charity who campaig against “politics of hate.” MR TC's contribution explores deep hypnotic dance floor cuts across the EP, which includes a collaboration with Rat Life Records head Credit 00 on vocals.