Premiere: Mr. Ho – Holy Smoke (Dawl And Sween Remix)


The rain poured down upon a city in crisis, this was a time of uncertainty for the people of a blessed community. For days they had waited on the symbolic holy smoke to emerge above the tall buildings, billowing into the dark skies with hope for prosperity and salvation. They gathered in large squares, such places were rooted in the oldest history and had lived through such transitional periods many times before. Soon too this day would be forgotten but for now as the heavens descended with fierce force they cast a thought to what lay beyond up there in the skies above this life. 

Mr. Ho is a producer and dj of whom we are hugely fond at Ransom Note, his technical capabilities are immense. As the founder of Klasse Wrecks alongside Luca Lozano he has released a great deal of music, much of which has been influential on dancefloors worldwide. Now he releases a new EP on Taipei based label Jin – it comes equipped with a stellar remix from two close friends Dawl & Sween, best known for their work and music on the label Tone Dropout. 

Listen below: