Premiere: Mozaika – Taba Taba


The bubbling water was delicately peaceful amidst the cold of the midnight hour. Sat in the park there was little to be heard but for the trickling pearls which fell from the fountain up above. Sat upon a park bench it was hard to decipher the colour of the flowers which sat alongside the feature, they might be yello, pink, purple or blue for all he cared. The scenery was irrelevant at this point given the temperature of the cold winter night, he shivered and blew smoke into the air, awaiting the arrival of his woman. 

Mozaika is an up and coming musician whom has recently been adopted by the Public Possession family. His new EP titled "Aqua" has apparently been on heavy rotation by the team behind the label for some time. Listen below: 

Buy the EP HERE

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