Premiere: Mountain Full Edition – Conspiracy


The board room was flanked with wall to wall mahogany, the deep wood panels shining in the yellow hue of the lights that hung low from the high ceiling. At the top of the table, a man dressed in an expensive tailored suit stood grimacing as he looked around at the sea of faces sitting before him. In this room he made decisions that could change people's lives forever. He had power that nobody else did. Despite that, he feared people were out to get him, that the world had a conspiracy against him, a truth that could topple him forever. There would be no coming back, for once you reach the top the only way is down.

Manchester's Natural Sciences have racked up an impressive catalogue since starting in 2015, becoming a home the likes of Textasy, Orson Wells and E Davd. Their next release, available on cassette comes courtesy of a Japanese collective, based out of Osaka, formed of people from all walks of life. The community project is made up of grindcore band members, performers, painters, care workers, musicians, former sex workers and activists, who give a snapshot into a fringe community fighting for inclusivity and political change.