Premiere: Moscoman – Hot Salt Beef


There is little left to be said about our dear friend Moscoman of which we have not already spoken. All round good guy and musical connoisseur, he has risen to glorious success following a string of spectacular releases on his Disco Halal label and most recently as part of his Treisar series. It is the next in this series which we are able to bring you exclusively. 

We caught up with Chen for a brief chat about his recent North American tour whilst listening to his new EP below:

Hey Chen, how was North America?

N.A despite of everything is the best place on earth. I enjoyed every minute of it and I'm super looking forward to heading back there soon.

Beverly Hills, love or hate?

There's nothing really going on there but I hear Axel F all the time when I drive by. I even stayed a night next to the police station, I love it. 

I saw you stayed in room 320, WAV’s are better though right?

Takes too much space on the stick. Good for home maybe but when you play with Pioneer CDJS and Pioneer mixer through a digital system? Let me know if you hear the difference.

Favourite city recently travelled?

Palm Springs! It's so cool. A place that's stuck in the 60s 

Favourite American food?


The soundtrack to your trip?

In a nutshell…

Led Zeppelin – Going to California
Beach Boys – Kokomo 
Piña Colada Song

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