Premiere: Moscoman – Devoue (Renate Schallplatten)


There's only one artist that gets us eager for jumps, bumps and sugarlumps and that's everyone's favourite horse enthusiast Moscoman. He returns to our ears with mystifying new sounds that'll have you questioning the boundaries of reality. Well, maybe tht's a bit much but they're ruddy brilliant – honest!

As we delve, seemingly underwater, into Moscoman's murky world we discover all manner of sounds that are set to get caught in your ears in as troublesome a manner as that bit of food that always seems to get stuck between the two teeth that you just can't reach with your tongue, no matter how hard you try. But this is undoubtedly a much more pleasant experience than that as your mind is turned inside and out across the course of this seven minute corker. By the time it reaches the end it'll feel like nothing is new inside your head.

That's exactly what Moscoman wants you to think. Do you dare tune in? Of course you do;

Dévoué is out on 5th September via Renate Schallplatten.