Premiere: Morwell – Stay on the Streets


It was cold outside as the snow began to fall, the little flakes shone and glimmered in the orange haze of the streetlights which flickered with a low humming buzz. He had to make his money before he would be able to return home, this was his only job and despite the frosty chill he would do whatever it took to ensure he made his cash. A small crowd gathered to watch him perform his magic on the sidewalk, they observed with intrigue and suspicion. All he could do now for the rest of the night was stay on the streets and move to the beat of a drum whilst his fingers dance and showcased a talent which should sit far beyond the corner…

Morwell is an up and coming producer set to self release a new EP titled "Eyes On Me". It's been well supported thus far with the likes of Barely Legal and Object Blue spinning tracks out and about already. The Croatian producer channels abstract techno alongside UK inspired bass and delivers with striking promise. 

Listen below: