Premiere: Moral Animal – Solace Found


As the outline of the town grew larger, its veneer of sophistication began to crumble. This wasn’t the same place they’d frequented as teenagers; the place that held some of their best (and worst) memories. What had once been a bustling centre, full of life and energy, now lay decrepit and uncared for. Everybody had moved out and onto bigger things, leaving a ghost town in their wake.

Motivated by merging visual arts and music with fashion, Parisian clothing brand EGONlab have unveiled their first V/A compilation, as an extension of their last collection, EGONLAB HORROR STORY AW21. They round up several producers to provide the haunting soundtrack, including the likes of FX093, Gewalt, Moral Animal and Pablo Bozzi, which moves through EBM, techno, new beat, electro and punk.