Premiere: Moonlight Resort & Spa – Bali Massage

Minicromusic020 Cover MP_J-CARD Back

Minicromusic boss Michał Wolski and Tomasz Zając AKA Cafe de la Jungle team up for the label’s 20th release.

The sun warmed her cheeks, the gentle breeze licking her face: she’d almost forgotten how to relax. In this paradise she hoped to shed the bad habits she’d adopted in the city and instead praise her body and her mind – she deserved it. And what better place to be than here, without any of the normal distractions, a place where she could focus on her breath and be in the present. It almost sounded like an impossible dream; too much of a far cry from her ‘normal’ existence. But if she learnt to let go, the rest would follow.


For the 20th release of Minicromusic, label boss Michał Wolski joins forces with Tomasz Zając AKA Cafe de la Jungle under the guise of Moonlight Resort & Spa. Continuing the imprint’s passion for experimental electronic sounds, which has previously explored the weird corners of ambient, dub techno and electronica, the pair’s debut LP Aromatherapy is a collection of unfurling psychedelic rhythms. Based on a formula of shamanic rituals for the mind and the body, listeners are taken on a hypnotic ride over four tranquillising opuses built around spiritualistic drum patterns.