Premiere: Moon Temple – The Short Night


"It was the hottest night of the year, and the four friends lay spreadeagled on the grass, cans scattered around them like glittering stars in the pitch black sky. Gazing out into the cosmos, they could feel the mushrooms they had picked just an hour before starting to exercise their influence. Stretching their limbs and finding them to be weightier than expected, they allowed the sensation to wash over them, the full moon beaming its approval up above."

Following a double EP release on WT Records in 2016, Moon Temple (aka Gabriel Andruzzi of The Rapture/Mother of Mars) is back with his third release! It's titled Unearthly Hours : Dances From The Third Temple and never has a record been so aptly named, splitting its energies between celestial and earthly pleasures. We're very happy to be premiering 'The Short Night', a disgusting slab of warehouse acid techno which you can listen to below.

Unearthly Hours : Dances From The Third Temple is out now. Purchase via Bandcamp.

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