Premiere: Moomin – The Snoofer


Wandering between the craters, from time to time he cast a glimpse back towards planet earth all those miles away. It was a radiant green and blue against a backdrop of sheer, dense black. The moon was now his home, a place in which he was free to meander and live out life amidst the nothingness, there was little inspiration up here but an endless eternity in which to dream and watch the stars. He was happy snoofing around, lost on a planet millions of miles away from all else. From time to time he would miss home but for now this is what it was for him… 

Moomin is a producer whom we have admired for years, his consistency is remarkable and his take on house music has lead to widely acclaimed praise and respect. His latest EP for Oath is no exception and features music which is as ethereal to listen to as it is dance. 

Listen below: