Premiere: Mondowski – Klub Psycho


From the darkened alcoves of 'Mode', a young man emerges from the half-lights, magnetised by the metallic rebounding synths. Examining the dancefloor and targetting some space, his intense looks are often misinterpreted as menacing. His nickname an unfair testimony to that passionate glare. As the steely stabs meld into something distinctly more sinuous, his thousand yard stare is one formed from a passionate past, not a disturbing skeleton hanging in his grubby clubbing closet. Taking up presence on the sticky floor, his softly muttered exclamations alarm those believing the in-house myth. Deep inside it is just a fond connection with his youthful advances into the dark night life, and he ignores the safety zone being created around him and puts his own claps and hats into the production in his past.

Mondowski's latest release on Relish sees him share more of his love for moody 80's synth acts and imbues it with a seedy and hazy indie club atmosphere. There's two original cuts from the man, and the package also features The Hacker and Joe Spurgeon on remixes.

Mondowski – Klub Psycho EP is out on Relish on 11th March and can be pre-ordered HERE. Photo credit – Jordi Rodriguez.