Premiere: Mondowski – Cry Wolf


The opening track from Robi Insinna (Headman)'s upcoming Relish Industria Vol. 1, this new track Mondowski is more than just a little bit special. In fact, it's a ruddy great treat.

As the bass pumps right through to the centre of your brain, all you'll be able to see is big pulsing dots in front of your eyes – the world is a very different place if you're wrapped up in bass vision. You've got over eight minutes to wrap yourself up in a human-sized envelope, roll down to your local postbox and wait for an unsuspecting postman to pick you up and deliver you all the way to Basstown.

That's probably a real place somewhere, right? Anyway, enjoy a song about the boy who cried wolf;

Relish Industria Vol. 1 is out on 29th May via Relish.