Premiere: Module One & Soela – Everything You Need


She walked through the supermarket, paying cursory attention to odd items, bits and bobs. It was all here – marketed and sold under one roof, it was everything you might ever need in life. Some of it was mysterious and unknown, other items were more obvious in their use. This was capitalism at it’s finest, roll up and spend your last pennies as you glide through the shiny, linoleum paradise. Music chirped and chimed through tinny speakers as she danced in the supermarket on her way to kingdom come… 

How have they pulled this one off then? Five years of Shall Not Fade already? That’s stellar work, considering the versatility and consistency of the output thus far. The label is celebrating this with the release of a compilation featuring a wonderful assortment of producers and music. We picked this track by Module One and Soela but they are all great. 

Listen below: