Premiere: Mirror Touch – Balancing


The process was delicate, intricate and had become at times hard to juggle amidst a busy backdrop. However, now as he stood atop the building, looking outwards upon the great city beneath him he knew that the time had come to begin his performance. Between the towering skyscrapers he would walk, without fear, constantly moving forwards into the glow of the sunlight. This was a balancing act, walking a tightrope between existences was no small feat and as the people looked up from the streets down below he knew he was the one to show them that this life could be more. 

Mirror Touch is a newly signed artist to the Metamorphic imprint run by Dan Curtin. This track sounds like it could come have come straight from the golden era of mid nineties house and techno. Raw analogue sounds, with deep soul and a raw underground aesthetic. 

Listen below: