Premiere: Miro – Benji – Uniteatteri


The space was elegant, the marble which lined the room was tasteful and so too would the evening be. This had been coming for a long time, the annual dance, a chance to showcase eccentricity and precision on the floor.

It was the opportunity for transformation, when men and women were one and would move in time to the simple beat of a drum. This was not queer, not straight, not anything. It simply existed in a space and time in which all were free and equal. The game was on…

Miro-Benji features on a new compilation from OO Recordings, a label based in Helsinki, Finland which is helping to champion and showcase talent across dance and electronic music in the city. The compilation is a subtle assortment of house, electronica and beyond. The release comes in tape format. Comes packaged in silk-screen printed cardboard with a special info leaflet inside.

Listen below: