Premiere: Minotaur Shock – Waxflower


Somewhere in the corner of the room a machine sputtered into life. It had lain dormant for eons, buried under a thick layer of dust, a relic of a time when people still created music with their hands, heads and hearts (and computers). Techno. That’s what they called it. Music made via the transference of the spirit from the body to a machine. Nobody dances anymore; that was an ancient, unruly pastime of a tribe long forgotten. But the resonant melodies and twitchy beats of the Waxflower could bring an entire culture back to life…  

The latest track premiere from MINO, the fifth album from the Bristolian producer Minotaur Shock and his first under that moniker for seven years, is the album’s closer. Waxflower was made using a multitimbral Waldorf Blofeld patch for all the sounds, sequenced by Numerology and recorded live. “I wish I could mix it a bit better,” says Mr Shock, with humility. “But the Blofeld only has two outputs so it is what it is.” And what it is, is utterly MAGNIFICENT.

MINO is released on April 5 on the new heterogeneous cassette label Bytes, an offshoot of Ransom Note Records.

Listen below: