Premiere: Miajica – Der Schlosser


The silent moon surface disguised the bustling lunar activity just beneath it's dry, grey mantle. The crater was expertly secured as the secrecy of the inhabitants was paramount. Deep in this cavernous environment, the cries of the lunar creatures were full of subterranean sorrow, bent and insistent. Tools were sharpened, the alloys sparking against each other, as they found a rhythm that would help them unpick the lock and they could reveal the true beauty of their form. Hammering against the heavy steel, working in tandem, their only directions were the radio missives from their allies waiting just beyond their orbit. They would break free and their story would be shared.

Miajica aka Mario Robles is a Swiss DJ & producer, who's previous work as part of Alma Negra on Sofrito gained support from the likes of Optimo and Jackmaster. This track on LGDZ is a spacey, Kraut-tinged 23 minute excursion, almost filling the available vinyl platter with its warped and modulated techno, unearthly reptilian rhythms and deep astral jazz pitch bent riffs. 

Miajica – Der Schlosser EP is released by LGDZ and available on vinyl now and digital 3rd June 2016. Follow him on Facebook HERE.

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