Premiere: Metropolitan Soul Museum – Ruff Trk 4


Though the glory days of museums may have come and gone, there's certainly still a market for all sorts of smaller, more precise museums such as those dedicated to lawnmowers, surgical disasters and men with large hands. One such museum that we'd love to have a good long look inside in would be the Metropolitan Soul Museum as we're fans of both cities and of having souls.

As we stroll through this museum (in our minds, of course) we may gave upon the likes of wonders that we've never seen before, filled with more soul than the lingering spirit of James Brown and based so heavily within the city that you can't fail but spot a bus every single time you pass a window. There's nothing rough about this place at all and we've enjoyed our visit so much that we're even going to leave a voluntary donation.

Oh, and here are some fresh sounds for you as our aural donation to you all;

Ruff Trk 4 is out on 18th September.