Premiere: Melchior Sultana – Story


Rumour had it that he was invincible. At least that was what he would like people to believe as he looked out from the Ivory Tower. When he had been appointed as the new leader people had thought him to have super powers, that was how the story was told throughout the land. Little did they know that he was as washed up and tired as they come. A weakened man battered by the elements of the day and a political dart board for all around. This was no noble position, it was simply an elevated chair. The story would gone on, but whether he would remain was another question entirely. 

Melchior Sultana goes deep, like really, really, really deep. His latest EP for Three Fingerz Musique is enchanting and elegant as he guides us through melancholic pads and lush percussion. Listen to "Stroy" below:

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