Premiere: Max Cooper- Coils Of Living Synthesis


The rain fell harder and faster. Heavy droplets of water that soaked him to his very core. Yet still, he kept on running. His clothes sodden and his hair drenched. There was no turning back. He ran faster still up to the top of the hill where the house once stood, turning to glance over his shoulder only once. He reached the top unscathed and collapsed on the water-logged grass beneath him in a fit of laughter and relief.

It is with much excitement that we can present to you an exclusive look at the new video for 'Coils Of Living Synthesis' from Cooper's album 'Chromos'- a collaborative project between Cooper and researchers from the Babraham Institute in Cambridge- Mikhail Spivakov, Peter Fraser and Csilla Varnai in which Cooper translates scientific ideas into uadio-visual art. Watch the video from Andy Lomas and Jennifer Tividad below:

Buy the 'Chromos' album HERE.

For more info on the project head HERE.

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