Premiere: Maude Sphinx – Arielle


The sweet cries could be heard far from the distant shore. Arielle was a mythical being design to lure sailors to their doom and peril upon the jagged rocks, her beautiful song echoed hauntingly upon the night air, beautiful and enchanting. The sea was wild and rugged now, the waves crashed against the stern with mighty force and those on board were beginning to plea for freedom from the dreadful storm. Was Arielle to be their release? Was Arielle to be their song? Was Arielle the one upon the shore? And end in sight…

Maude Sphinx is set to release a new EP on Third Try Records, an imprint which has moved from strength to strength releasing music by the likes of Axel Boman, SFV Acid and more. The new EP is a gorgeous take upon deep house with an interesting twist. Listen below: 

Buy the release HERE

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