Premiere: Matisa – Honey Comb


At the bar she sat poised and ready, her eyes scanning the room intently. Her lips were painted a deep rouge and her cat-like eyes accentuated with dark eyeliner. Around the room smartly dressed men sat swilling whiskey in their cut glass tumblers, pretending they had important matters of business to discuss. From her seat she tried to catch their eye but most of them averted her gaze, fumbling their glasses or looking at the feet. Everybody here knew who she was and the trouble that she and her deadly beauty brought with her. Many had fallen at her feet before, and many would again. 

Next up on Optimo Music's schedule is a debut EP from Matisa, an Italian-born DJ and producer who brings her sophisticated stylings to the Twitch and Jonnie's imprint. For a first EP the result is a slick, highlighting her love for disco, house and electro, through driving cosmic synths and. Fresh Italo House for the dance floor.