Premiere: Massimiliano Pagliara – The Empty Room


The buzz of chatter swarmed the room; it was an occasion that many would dream to attend. Not him though; if it weren’t for social pressure he’d have stayed cooped up at home. The room might have been full but he still felt as if he were alone, unable to break down the invisible walls that caged him in. It was as though he were looking at these people through a telescope, they were near enough to touch in reality, but in his mind the room might as well have been empty…

Massimiliano Pagliara kicked off his Connection Lost series for Dresden’s Uncanny Valley six years ago, and its now entering its third iteration, after a five year hiatus. The Berlin-based Italian has made homes at many prolific imprints over the years, from Live At Robert Johnson and Cocktail D’Amore to Rush Hour and Ostgut Ton, the list goes on, but its this personal project that cuts deep when it comes to emotions. Inspired by “thoughts on how to cope once the connection with loved ones is cut”, the record showcases a diverse range of sounds from house and acid to disco and downtempo, which all retain that soul-stirring depth resounding through the previous instalments.

Buy HEREAlexander Dorn aka Credit 00 takes care of the artwork in line with the two predecessors.