Premiere: Massey & Paulette – Violins & Things


The candles flickered upon each table as the diners chatted loudly in the large banquet hall. In the corner of the room a small band played softly, they would hardly be noticed if it weren't for the beauty of the violins and things which dazzled beneath the glow of a delicate spotlight. This was the grand ball and the music was to be everything to all people. The castle perched upon the hill had been frequented by many across the years but no guests were as important as those sat before them now… It was all so romantic…

Massey & Paulette collaborate on a new EP for Black Riot, a fun focused acid workout which holds no punches for the dancefloor. Festival season is afoot and the tracks are coming thick and fast. Listen below: 

Buy from the 11th June. 

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