Premiere: Martin Noise – Pis Turístic (Middle Sky Boom Remix)


His home and studio – an exquisite apartment set upon three floors, located in the city’s first and oldest quarter – became a trove of all of his sculpted creations. The rooms, fitted with large opaque windows that stretched out across tall, off-white walls, were filled with over 200 sculptures of varying sizes, some made of chalk and some generated from now unfortunately oxygenated bronze. The statues, in pure neo-Renaissance style, depicted an array of classical figures enacting diverse hedonistic activities. Some were drinking, some dancing and others were coily sharing a delicate romantic moment, all coming together in a great, immobile gathering.

Playground Records celebrates its 30th release with label co-founder Martin Noise’s newest output. The four-track EP, titled DUI, features two original productions and two remixes by Bufi and Middle Sky Boom. Today we share the latter’s remix of ‘Pis Turístic’, an organic, quasi-ritualistic track that features entrancing percussion and a mesmerising bassline that is perfectly accompanied by fluttering synths.