Premiere: Marshall Applewhite X The Friend – Axig


The monster lived deep within the mountainous prism. The cave loomed perilously above the forest and nothing was allowed to grow amidst its murky territory. Axig was his name and for many years he had haunted the villages of the far away lands. Scandinavia had always been notoriously famous for the fantastic and the terrifying but few had seen such great evil as in the eyes of Axig. A hard coarse shell hung bedraggled from his back, a stench so potent arose from his breath. He was a villainous cretin and his every move was like poison. Axig was a beast, a plague upon the land on which they walked. 

Marshall Applewhite and The Friend are part of a new wave of artists emerging from Detroit's underground. The music in which they produce takes its influence from the murky shadows of a city which has often been associated with tough times. Branded as 'sludge', the genre depends upon an industrial environment and the pair use it to create slow moving, grunge fuelled electronic music with a perverse attitude. Listen to 'Axig' below:

The pair will appear at OHM in Berlin this evening. The release is forthcoming HERE

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