Premiere: Markus Gibb – Vipère Lubrique (Hardway Bros Dj Dag Is Playing At My House Remix)


Things just seemed a little different, kind of ‘there’ but slightly off beat. I wasn’t sure why everyone was looking at me so harshly, maybe I just needed to feel comfortable again, shed this skin. There was a definite stance to their umbrage, but it seemed easier for me right now to look at them with the same lack of empathy they showed to the others. I wriggled past several more door fascists, they can find another punchbag tonight. Things were definitely getting tougher, but it wasn’t just me that saw the floor, the space and the sanctity. It charmed me, no doubt. But I was always willing to get under the spell, so my choice was easy now, I was in a trance.

Kezokichi Miyazaki's Blindetonation label is always a home to to some of the finest, and with a new remix collection excels. On this, French youth Markus Gibb gets all tranced up in Sean Johnston's riddle remix. Tougher than some, his Hardway Bros mix gets the bass and kick on the flip, and breathed reverb vox, snuck away guitar licks crossed with sped-up pungi add to an homage to the 90s producer.

Blindetonation Remixed 01 is out on now and can be bought HERE. Follow Markus Gibb on Facebook.

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