Premiere: Maricopa – This Was Years Ago


When looking back not a great deal had changed throughout his life until now. He had remained mostly under the radar, a dream like figure who was to be seen and not heard. He could not recall the day in which he had decided to emerge from his shell and conquer the blues, this was years ago now. However, in the light of day the world seemed like a far more peaceful place than it had way back then. Each morning he awoke with a sense of eager purpose, ready to seize the day and dance beneath the glow of the golden sun up above. It was a new mind space, and the dark times, they were years ago now. 

Maricopa falls into that category in which some might call "balearically inclined". To be honest, to us he just makes music with a laid back undercurrent. What even is balearic anyway? A state of mind? A sound? Who knows? His new release "This Was Years Ago" is forthcoming on LaLuna records. Listen to a track below:

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