Premiere: Margot – Er Suonone (Laterra Recordings)


How is it fair that Italians get to be so good at so many things? We all know that the greatest food in the world comes from their fair shores, some of the greatest footballers of all time have worn their famous blue shirts and don't even get me started on Pavarotti. And yet we're supposed to just sit back and take it when they start conquering our ears with sounds such as this new beauty from Margot?

While we sit here with our mountains of teabags and fish and chips wrapped up in newspapers we could be feeling sorry for ourselves as though we lost out on the location lottery. However, rather than moping around we're just going to fill our ears with 'Er Suonone' as Margot take over our ears and lead us to a better place. Sure, we might not quite be as cultured as the Italians but we do know how to listen to music pretty darn well. All you have to do is click play…

Er Suonone is out on 19th October via Laterra Recordings.