Premiere: Marco Bernardi – Catching Clouds In Outerspace (Brokntoys)


Though there are plenty of fascinating places on this planet, mankind has always wanted to venture out to the stars and walk among the clouds. Sure, the ground might have such nice things as the internet, cats and more bacon than you could ever ask for but the mystifying wonder of the clouds has always caught our imagination and we long to touch, smell and even taste the mighty clouds.

Of course, we know that unfortunately clouds don't quite taste like candy floss in real life as they do in our dreams but we can but hope that perhaps a little nugget of sugar has been caught up in this particular cloud to give it a bit of a sweeter flavour. The only problem really is breathing at such a height, that's probably something we can worry about when we get there.

On an unrelated note, here are some cracking new sounds from Marco Bernardi for you;

Spoken Word Of Lie is out on 1st September via Brokntoys.