Premiere: Marcel de Sie – Poetic Frame (De Roo Remix)


Each day, just before the warm hues of dusk melted across the sky, he rose from his slumber to take to the mountains. The fresh morning air opened his lungs, juddering him from the haze that controlled these waking moments. Day by day he changed his path, hoping to discover something he’d never seen before; that was what got him out of bed every morning.

Born in the medieval city of Fribourg, Switzerland, Rababoo is a new record label helmed by friends Emmanuel Küng aka OneFootStep & Nicola Marthaler aka Oase. For their first outing, they’ve invited former local producer Marcel de Sie—one half of new wave and chanson duo, Reymour—to take care of proceedings with ‘UMA’, his debut EP under this alias. Made up of three original tracks, complete with remixes from Dark Entries alumni Anatolian Weapons and Stroom affiliate Victor De Roo, the release draws from industrial, techno, minimal synth and coldwave, exploring different dance floor narratives.