Premiere: Manos Tsangaris – Drüm 2 (Lion’s Drums Edit)


The bangs echoed between the trees, the beautiful bliss drums rumbled in the glow of the warm morning sun. In the distance, down by the shore, he could hear it calling him back towards the forest. It was like some sort of wild summoning, a call to the wild and a call to movement. It seemed as if others all around him had also taken note of the drums for they each began to flock towards the sound. 

Now this is how you do an edit. For real. Lion’s Drums has reimagined the material of Manos Tsangaris. This one is a percussive, tribal inspired banger due for release on Cocktail d’Amore. It is destined to soundtrack big festival sets and wild outdoor parties, you’ve been warned. 

Listen below: