Premiere: Manganése – A Safe Place to Live


At the far end of the street was an old house nestled between the trees, it looked out upon the quiet world from a leafy alcove and watched as the sky changed colour each day. It was a safe place to live, a wholesome nest in which he could spend a lifetime lost in his art and paintings. Each morning he looked from his bedroom out upon the lawn which merged with the sprawling fields beyond. In the distance he could see the shadows begin to move as the city awoke for the day. That was not his world. He was quite happy out of the way of things, away from the chaos and hustle of day to day life. 

Berlin Bass Collective are set to release a new EP from Manganése, a Lyon based producer who draws upon the influence of deep house and UK inspired bass. The EP is fun, highly danceable and reminiscent of happy summer parties. 

Listen below: