Premiere: MANASYt – Terminal Medicine


Panicked, the man awoke suddenly, desperately trying to catch his breath as he assessed his surroundings. The pungent smell of bleach filled his nostrils and in the distance he could hear hurried voices echo over the tannoy. As his eyes adjusted, he noticed the various tubes and needles that were hooked up to different parts of his body and the machines around him that whirred and bleeped aggressively. How did he come to be here? Was he in need of terminal medicine?

After debuting on Tel Aviv via Amsterdam label MUSAR with his Reality Defense Department EP in 2017, Bulgarian e‎lectro synth pioneer MANASYt returns for a full length cassette release. Inferior Subjects is the second part of his lost track series; a collection of some of his best unreleased works recorded between 2000-2010 that he found on his old PC. Influenced by new wave, electro and metal, MANASYt's productions take you on a hypnotic trip to a futuristic dystopian world…