Premiere: Man Power & Last Waltz – Nee Shitteru


His trusty steed's hooves pounding hard against the dirt track, the knight hurtled out of the forest and onto the plains. Ahead of him in the distance was the castle, but glancing over his shoulder he could see that the snarling beast was hot on his heels, and closing fast. The drawbridge was coming down. Thank god. He just prayed that there would be time to bring it up again, or that the archers fancied their aim today.

Man Power and Last Waltz join forces for a new 12" on ESP Institute. We're premiering B-side 'Nee Shitteru' which drapes its low-slung, menacing bassline with eerie chimes and satanic chanting. It all amounts to the worst mescaline trip you've ever had. Not one to stick on just before bedtime, that's for sure. Listen here:

Tistish b/w Nee Shitteru is out 8th December on ESP Institute. Pre-order it here.

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