Premiere: Man Power – Barranquilla Trifle (Ruf Dug Zouk Remix)


The table was surrounded by mysterious looking gentlemen who were dressed to the nines in the smartest garments and fine attire. Several looked out upon the feast from beneath the brim of a hat and observed with a stylish caution. The barranquilla trifle sat proudly in the centre of the table, it was a spendid sight to behold and the holy grail of the dessert empire the chef had built from the ground upwards. It's funny that one might presume a baker to be a softer sort, how wrong they might be. Little did they know what fiery might lurked within the sponge and goodness within. Hot, hot powder. 

Man Power has managed to find time to squeeze out another 12" on Futureboogie in between god knows what else. He is remixed by one of our humble favourites in the form of Ruf Dug who reinvents the wheel with a zouk infusion. Listen below: 

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