Premiere: Mamazu – Blueprint


Since her childhood, there had always been a blueprint for what love and happiness looked like. She’d see it on the TV, in films and magazines, so surely this must be how it plays out in real life, right? Soon enough though she’d become disenchanted with these falsities, to her they were now sugar coated fantasies that bore no comparison to the realities of love and heartache. It was transparent, as clear as day; the blueprint never existed.

Continuing their mission to showcase the traditional music of Korea through a contemporary lens, Seoul-based label Tonal Unity set about releasing the second in a series of three V/A EPs with artists interpreting these raw, ancient sounds. Among those artists featured are X.Y.R., Beck Junghyun, Ryuji Ono, Fortunato, DJ Bowlcut and Tokyo native and Hole and Holland boss Mamazu, who layers hypnotic drums and synths with slivers of Korean Minyo vocal samples.