Premiere: Machete Savane – Manticore (Jonny Nash Remix)


The tribe moved through the undergrowth with gracious ease. For years they had lived deep within the jungle, it had served them well but now it was under threat from new civilisation. The manticore had hoped never to have to move with the times, they had their ways, the rest of the world had another rule book. Now, on the ground, they had to dig deep, keep moving and join as one with the leaves and trees that surrounded them. They would escape from this mess, it would simply take time. 

Machete Savane releases on Not An Animal making up the labels fourth release. He is remixed by the talent that is Jonny Nash who is previously known for his music on Melody As Truth and the Japanese label Snaker. Listen to his version of 'Manticore' below: 

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